Rachel J Lambert BA (Hons) MIFPA (AC Registered) MAR MICHT

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Rachel J Lambert has been working as a professional Complementary Therapist since 1995. She has recently returned to England from Belfast where she ran her own holistic clinic. Her qualifications are recognised by the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists, the Aromatherapy Consortium, the Association of Reflexologists and the International Council of Holistic Therapists. In addition to receiving clients at her private practices in Bakewell and Stafford, she is available for corporate treatment sessions, team building days, pamper parties, group talks, demonstrations and workshops.

Modern lifestyles can contribute greatly to ill health. The pace of life is fast. There are increasing pressures in the workplace and at home. People are tending to become more sedentary, spending their time on computers, driving or watching television. Stress, lack of exercise, leading to poor health.
Good health depends on balance. Equilibrium and the natural functioning lifestyles and excessive stress can disrupt this balance, leading to 'dis-ease'.
break this negative cycle. Each treatment aims to provide relief from tension and promote well-being. By reducing stress levels, the body is enabled to function more efficiently. In short, Complementary Therapies aim to help the body to help itself.
Complementary Therapies do not claim to cure. They are not intended to deal with serious disease or permanent discomfort, but they do offer gentle, natural, holistic help with every-day ills and stress-related problems, with no risk of dependency. They can be used alongside treatment or be considered a substitute for conventional medicine. Their role is, as the name suggests, to complement other health care practices.
All treatments are available in Derbyshire & Staffordshire.
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